Although these are online exams, they take place under the supervision of a ‘live’ proctor.

Once you click on ‘Schedule Now’, you will be taken to the scheduling webpage on the exam portal. You will be asked to choose a date and time for the exam and to enter either an exam voucher code or your payment information. Please make sure you have the voucher code or a credit/debit card at hand.

Please ensure that your first and last name as seen in your RIPE NCC Access account matches your government-issued photo identity document. The exam scheduling system and your digital badge will be issued using the name saved in your RIPE NCC Access account information. The exam proctor will also carry out an identity check before starting the exam.

Make sure to read through the Candidate Guidelines page and Terms and Conditions before scheduling the exam!

Exam Scheduling Instructions

  1. Click on the ‘Schedule Now’ button above. If you are not already signed into your RIPE NCC Access account, you will be asked to do so first. Create a free RIPE NCC Access account, if you do not already have one.
  2. You must agree to the Terms and Conditions before continuing to the scheduling page.
  3. The scheduling page will show you the currently available RIPE NCC Certified Professionals exams. Select the exam you would like to take.
  4. Click “View Details” for exam details and requirements.
  5. Click “Schedule Exam”. You will be asked to select the country in which you plan to take the exam, and the time zone that you are in. Select the date and time at which you wish to take the exam. Please note that 12:00 AM is midnight and 12:00 PM is noon. Click ‘Continue”.
  6. Payment
    Using a voucher: If you have an exam voucher or discount voucher, please enter the code in the “Voucher/Discount Coupon” field and click on apply. The balance amount should now show as zero, or with a discount. Click on ‘Pay Now’.
    Using a credit/debit card: You can pay for the exam using a credit or debit card.

You are now ready to get certified!

Cancelling or Rescheduling an Exam

You can only cancel or re-schedule up to 48 hours before the scheduled exam time. Any changes beyond this point will result in exam fees being charged, or your voucher being used.

Using Your Vouchers

Each LIR is entitled to receive three exam vouchers for 2022, valid until 31 December 2022. A voucher consists of an alphanumeric code that you can use to schedule an exam instead of paying exam fees. Each voucher can be used only once. Please make sure you have the voucher code at hand before starting the exam scheduling process.

All LIRs can access their voucher codes through the dashboard in the RIPE NCC Academy.

Video instructions on how to claim your vouchers in the Academy are available here.

If you have any questions about your voucher codes, please contact the exams team.