If you are a RIPE NCC member, you are entitled to three exam vouchers for each LIR that you hold, as part of your membership benefits. To use your vouchers, go to the exam platform, select the exam you would like to take and enter the voucher code. There is no fee when you use a voucher.

Voucher Validity
Vouchers issued to RIPE NCC members are valid until the end of the calendar year. If you are a member, you can claim your vouchers through the RIPE NCC Academy dashboard.

After you have used your three allotted vouchers, you can purchase new vouchers through our payment gateway once it has completed development. You can claim your vouchers through the RIPE NCC Academy dashboard if you are a member. Please contact the Exams team if you need assistance with your voucher codes.

Exam Fees

RIPE NCC Certified Professionals is open to all but will temporarily only be accessible to members who are issued voucher codes used to register for the exam. A payment gateway is currently under development, and when complete, vouchers will be available for purchase. Here are the fees for the year 2023.

Exam Level Excluding VAT Including VAT
Analyst €164 €199
Associate €206 €249
Expert €247 €299


Institutional Partnerships

Would you like to learn more about our institutional partnerships? If you are interested in certifying your team, please reach out to us to learn more about partnerhips.

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