IPv6 Fundamentals – Analyst

An IPv6 Fundamentals – Analyst is proficient in calculating IPv6 subnets according to current best practices and creating IPv6 addressing plans. Candidates who hold this certification have demonstrated the ability to identify and describe how the different IPv6 supporting protocols work and impact their networks. These candidates can also identify different use cases for specific transition mechanisms, as well as the reasons to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6.

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RIPE Database Associate

A RIPE Database Associate is proficient in searching for and interpreting data in the RIPE Database. Candidates who hold this certification have demonstrated the ability to update and register data in the RIPE Database. These candidates can use different flags to query IP address space (IPv4 and IPv6), as well as register assignments and sub-allocations by applying authority delegation mechanisms. They can also register routing policies, and set-up reverse delegation.

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IPv6 Security Expert

An IPv6 Security Expert is capable of designing a high-level strategy to protect an IPv6 network against common threats. A holder of this badge has demonstrated the ability to identify and analyse common IPv6 security threats and their impact, and create a plan to counter them. An IPv6 Security Expert has shown their ability to assess the security of an IPv6 network, and to make use of the latest information about IPv6 network vulnerabilities and mitigation techniques.

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Launching Soon: BGP Security certification

Keep watching this space for more information! The BGP Security certification is intended for individuals who understand the common causes of BGP incidents and the current best practices to prevent them.

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