LAUNCHING SOON: BGP Security certification

All information is currently indicative. We will update it closer to the exam launch.

This certification is intended to demonstrate knowledge of security vulnerabilities of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) used in Internet routing. The candidate will prove knowledge of best practices concerning BGP route filtering and show the ability to implement RPKI and use relevant information to validate BGP announcements.

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Draft Requirements to earn the BGP Security certification

We are currently working on creating the exam. The BGP Security certification can be earned by successfully achieving a grade of 70% or higher in the BGP Security exam. The exam takes place online. You will be asked to answer a fixed number of questions during the exam. In order to receive a certification, you must score a minimum of 70% in the exam.

This exam certifies the ability to:

  • Evaluate the security vulnerabilities of BGP Internet routing
  • Implement security measures for protecting BGP speakers and BGP sessions
  • Identify best current practices for BGP route filtering
  • Register information in the IRR system
  • Implement RPKI and use its information to validate BGP announcements

Recommended Knowledge

  • Knowledge of TCP/IP, routing protocols
  • Ability to describe common BGP security threats and mitigation techniques
  • Experience with creating and updating objects in the RIPE Database
  • Familiarity with BGP filtering concepts
  • General knowledge about RPKI deployment and BGP Origin Validation

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