IPv6 Security Expert

An IPv6 Security Expert is capable of designing a high-level strategy to protect an IPv6 network against common threats. A holder of this badge has demonstrated the ability to identify and analyse common IPv6 security threats and their impact, and create a plan to counter them. An IPv6 Security Expert has shown their ability to assess the security of an IPv6 network, and to make use of the latest information about IPv6 network vulnerabilities and mitigation techniques.

Requirements to Earn the IPv6 Security Expert Badge

The IPv6 Security Expert badge can be earned by successfully completing the IPv6 Security Expert Exam. The exam takes place online. You will be asked to answer 50 questions during the exam. In order the pass the exam, you must score a minimum of 70% in the exam.

This exam certifies the ability to:

  • Plan how to protect your IPv6 network against new attack vectors and most common threats
  • Design filtering rules for IPv6 packets
  • Choose security options for IPv6 routing protocols
  • Choose the correct type of tool to assess IPv6 security threats and mitigation techniques
  • Make use of up-to-date information about IPv6 network vulnerabilities and mitigation techniques
  • Design a high-level IPv6 security strategy
  • Justify the need to implement IPv6 security solutions

Recommended Knowledge:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 networking knowledge (IPv6 at the level of the IPv6 Fundamentals – Analyst certification)
  • Knowledge about the most common IP network security concepts
  • Proficiency with details of IPv6 and associated protocols like ICMPv6, NDP, MLD and DHCPv6
  • Ability to describe common IPv6 security threats and available mitigation techniques
  • Familiarity with IP traffic filtering concepts
  • General knowledge about existing routing protocols, and more specifically about BGP
  • Experience with security assessment tools
  • Experience with information security search from common public sources

Preparing for the IPv6 Security Expert exam?

Take a look at the learning resources you can use to study for the exam. This includes an overview containing links to the relevant topics in the IPv6 Security online course in the RIPE NCC Academy and webinars.

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